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Salini Karuvade

PhD Student

University of Calgary

I am a PhD student working under the supervision of Dr. Barry Sanders at the University of Calgary.

My PhD research focuses on the power and certifiability of quantum computing in open systems. I am currently a recipient of Alberta innovates graduate student scholarship (2020-2022).

Sessions Salini Karuvade is a part of

Thursday, June 9, 2022

How are we integrating quantum technologies into everyday life?

3:50 pm to 5:05 pm
in Salon 9

Talk Description

Implementing a Changing Hilbert-Space Inner Product on a Quantum Computer

PT-symmetric quantum mechanics predicts novel physical phenomena in lossy quantum systems. Recently, schemes for simulating PT-symmetric dynamics on various analog and digital quantum simulation platforms have garnered significant interest. We aim to simulate PT-symmetric dynamics on a universal quantum computer. Unbroken PT-symmetric dynamics is known to be equivalent to unitary dynamics in a Hilbert space with a modified inner product. In this talk, we present an operational framework for changing the Hilbert-space inner product between the state preparation and measurement of a quantum system. According to our framework, a change in inner product quantified by a metric operator is equivalent to a quantum operation, i.e. a completely positive trace non-increasing map on the space of density operators. We design and implement two schemes for simulating the quantum operations corresponding to various metric operators on Aspen-series quantum computers developed by Rigetti Computing. The first of these schemes makes use of entangling operations between two qubits, whereas the second scheme leverages operations on a single qutrit. We perform process tomography of the implemented quantum operations and use the reconstructed operations to verify our schemes against an adversary with access to single-qubit unital operations only. Our results pave the way for simulating non-Hermitian physical phenomena on quantum computers.

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