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Keith Gourlay

Director of Technology Development

Performance BioFilaments Inc.

Keith Gourlay has a PhD in Forestry from the University of British Columbia, and has been working with Performance BioFilaments to develop new applications for nanofibrillated cellulose since 2014.

Sessions Keith Gourlay is a part of

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

How will the intersection of technologies for sustainable food, water and energy supplies advance Sustainable Development Goals in the next decade?

2:00 pm to 3:30 pm
in Salon 10

Talk Description

Use of very low loadings of Nanofibrillated Cellulose to stabilize tailings and other unconsolidated sediments

This presentation will describe the surprisingly strong reinforcing effect that nanofibrillated cellulose can impart to tailings and other unconsolidated sediments. A short description of nanofibrillated cellulose and it’s production process will be followed by a review of recent data on shear strength and erosion control.

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